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Property Insurance

Whether as a business person or landlord, commercial property owners are exposed to various risks: fire damage, vandalism, mains water damage and damage caused by the environment. All these and other factors can adversely affect your finances and, especially when manufacturing companies are concerned, jeopardise the continuation of business activities.

Liability Insurance

Nowadays even minor injuries and property damage can lead to major compensation charges. Where there’s blame, they say, there’s a claim. If one’s ever made against your business by a third party, you can cover your legal liability up to the cover levels you choose.

As the manager of a company, you’re subject to a wide range of third-party risks. From the moment customers set foot inside your business premises, you’re liable for any accidents they have. Public liability insurance can protect you against third-party claims in the event of personal injury, or loss or damage to property arising from your company’s actions. This also applies to your employees causing injury or loss to third parties in the course of going about your business.

Our network have specialist Commercial Insurance experts which can advise you on the best of all types of commercial  insurance products to suit business needs. Your World Financial Services Ltd will not provide the advice on Commercial Insurances, however we can arrange for an adviser within our network who is authorised to give advice in this area.

Areas for which we can provide advice:

Note – For B&C / Landlord policies Your World Financial Services act as a credit broker not a lender 

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Financing your property purchase.

Protection Insurance

Protecting you and your families financial future.

Home Insurance

Protecting your property and your possessions.

We'll also be happy to advise you about other types of business insurance:

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