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Accidents always happen when we least expect them and even the healthiest of us can become ill with no notice at all.

If you were injured or became sick and lost your income how would you pay all of your monthly bills and for how long could you keep this up?

 Without Income what would you rely on??


How many months would you last? Would you be happy seeing your savings used in this way?


Is it realistic to expect them to pay all their bills and yours – How long could they keep that up ?


Statutory Sick Pay is £109.40* a week, would this be enough ?


Most people only get SSP (above) If you do get Company sick pay -what happens when this finishes ? It’s worth checking how much (if any) and for how long (if at all) your employer would pay if you were off work. Company sick pay entitlements often differ depending on how long you have worked there.

Even if you are fit and healthy now, you never know what is around the corner. Cover can be arranged for perhaps far less than you might think. We can advise you on options available to you now.

(*correct December 2023, this amount could change in the future 

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) : What you’ll get – GOV.UK (

Insurance Options

The different products available and in turn the many different providers offering them, have different features and benefits including –

Please get in touch and we can advise you which policy best suits your needs

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